What we do

These are a few of the activities we engage in, all intending to turn social data into insurance data and bring life insurance online.
Social Autofill

Our revolutionary product for automatically filling out insurance application forms using social data from Facebook and Linkedin. Conversion rates increase by up to 400%, users are happier and we help to build a stronger engagement between the insured and the insurer.

Social Insights

Using the social data gathered, we can provide you with actionable insights on customer risk profiles, relationship management, cross-selling opportunities with more relevant offerings and send the customer reminders when an application was started but not completed.


We can also build custom-made social data analytics solutions for our clients. On this flexible platform we offer personalised insurance recommendations for the user, bringing together a wide range of insurance types and combining with social data. Get in touch today and let’s discuss how our team can help you.

Customer engagement

It can be challenging for insurers to build personal relationships with their customers in the 21st century, however with our analytical expertise and innovative technology platform we aim to help our clients target and reach a wider audience in more engaging ways.


Bringing expertise from the tech, insurance and finance industry, our team is capable and ready to enable the insurance industry take advantage of social data. Feel free to get in touch using the social links or using the form below.
Erik Abrahamsson
Erik Abrahamsson
Founder & CEO
Previously at Twitter and P&G, Erik brings social media expertise and an entrepreneurial drive like no-one else. After winning a full scholarship to Oxford on academic merit, he founded Digital Fineprint.
Jin Chen
Jin Chen
A data scientist with over 8 years of experience delivering data analytics driven strategy projects across industries such as retail & consumer, industrial products, media and financial services.
James Clarke
James Clarke
Head of Sales
James brings ten years of insurance expertise and a degree from London School of Economics. Having worked with Hiscox and a group of international insurers in the Netherlands and Japan, his international network helps us grow exponentially.
Austin Wellbelove
Austin Wellbelove
Head of Development
Austin brings nine years of full-stack development expertise and a degree from Oxford University. He leads the development of outstanding front-end and back-end solutions for ourselves and our clients.


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