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Our end-to-end solution enables our clients to link a social media identity to an insurance identity, using social media data analytics to help improve customer targeting, conversion, sales, cross-sell and retention.

We help insurers and brokers create social media advertising strategies that deliver real ROI from day one. We enable our clients to precisely target specific audiences, across both personal and commercial lines, to maximise brand exposure and drive customer actions.


By allowing your audience to share social media data with you, we help you create stronger links to your customers and partners. Our ‘opt-in’ autofill solutions link social data into the purchasing journey, building a rich picture of your client and their cover needs, both now and in the future.


Integrating social data into the analytics process and creating risk profiles via machine learning, we create actionable insights for your distribution, underwriting and marketing strategies. We can help you make sense of social media data in a fully GDPR compliant way.


Customer engagement is difficult in the insurance industry. With our analytical expertise and innovative technology platform, we can help you harness social data to understand your client and recommend relevant protections, giving meaningful insights to your customers.


Bringing expertise from the tech, social media, insurance and finance industries, our experienced team is ready to help you take advantage of social data. Feel free to get in touch using the social links or the form below.
Erik Abrahamsson
Erik Abrahamsson
Founder & CEO
Previously at Twitter and P&G, Erik brings social media expertise and an entrepreneurial drive like no-one else. After winning a full scholarship to Oxford on academic merit, he founded Digital Fineprint.
Jin Chen
Jin Chen
A data scientist with over 8 years of experience delivering data analytics driven strategy projects across industries such as retail & consumer, industrial products, media and financial services.
Austin Wellbelove
Austin Wellbelove
Austin brings eight years of full-stack development expertise and a degree from Oxford University. He leads the development of outstanding front-end and back-end solutions for ourselves and our clients.
Alex Hammick
Alex Hammick
Strategy & Partnerships
Alex’s background in startups and private equity, where he was buying and selling insurance businesses, is invaluable to Digital Fineprint’s partnership development.
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